Travel Cooler Bag brings Chills to the Lukewarm

Hap Tim Soft Travel Cooler Bag (Amazon)

This travel cooler bag is made of very durable waterproof material. It has great features that make it very convenient to use and store.

Drinks, ice, and food could fit in well. The cooler walls and bottom are thick and ice cubes don’t melt for hours, no leakage from the bottom either. It keeps foods cold when used with ice packs. Keeps milk and other perishables fresh on the way home from the grocery store, plenty of room for whatever you need to keep cold. The bag is big enough for a big family. It has a large capacity but not too big, fits in the front seat area easily. Folds down for smaller storage and keeps in the trunk without taking a ton of room. This cooler bag is better than the cooler box, it saves space on your car and can be folded after use.

travel cooler bag
Hap Tim Soft Cooler (Amazon)

Not only it is good for cold food transportation, it is great for hot or cold food transportation.

Better than Tesla

Also quite stylish! The “Hap Tim” travel cooler bag has thicker insulation than the other inexpensive soft-side coolers. fitting in “sub-trunk” under the main trunk of a Tesla Model 3, only for a fraction of the price of the made-for-the-tesla version.

It’s easy to carry and it can be carried with the handles or the strap, whatever you prefer. It also has a bottle opener attached which is a great added little feature. The side pockets with zippers are very good quality. The top access door is a big plus. The side carry handles make this even a better buy; not all bags have side handles.

This sturdy, soft-sided cooler not only wipes clean but collapses flat to 4.57″ for compact storage. When is open, the cooler measures 16.53″ L x 9.84″ W x 10.23″ H. The velcro hatch on top allows you to quickly grab a cold drink without unzipping the entire top. The access opening at the top was very useful. The little Velcro hole in the top is great for reaching in grabbing a drink not to have to unzip the whole thing.

This unisex cooler bag is lightweight, compact, and easily portable. It is perfect for traveling, camping with your family, fishing with your pals, enjoying a picnic in the park, and open-air music festivals.

Lifewit Collapsible Cooler Bag (Amazon)

This bag is spacious. You can put the 6 bottles inside plus 2 large ice packs. There are pockets on the side for other items also. The bag itself is sturdy and stylish. About 10″L x 8″W, good size, looks decent and sturdy It’s firm and doesn’t smash easily. It’s really the perfect size if you’re having to take in a few meals to work every day. Great insulation, easy to clean.

travel cooler bag
Lifewit Collapsible Cooler Bag (Amazon)

Pockets fit lots of things and the side mesh pockets are great for things like charging cables and a wallet. The main pouch has a good zipper and expands well to accommodate items. The main compartment is roomy and watertight. The little zip pocket on the front could be for silverware and napkins or condiments.

Inside and out are easy to clean. The shoulder strap is handy. Perfect for getting to and from the office.

The seams are strong and it keeps food cool. You can feel a nice thick insulator in the walls that really help.

This lunchbox is basically a full-size pantry. It’s massive, but it is stylish looking. Even if you don’t fill it to the max, the bottom is very sturdy and doesn’t cave in and feel awkward.

Great product for the price. Would recommend.

OlarHike 40/24 Can Cooler Bag (Amazon)

OlarHike Cooler Bag holds 4 gallons by volume, with a load capacity of over 30 pounds. It can hold 24 cans or 8 bottles at the same time. It is ideal for camping, hiking, BBQs, etc. The capacity of this one is so large it is easy to pack enough food for an entire day.

It is a very nice cooler. Lots of room and waterproof. The OlarHike 40-can cooler is 15 inches long by 12 inches wide by 11 inches high. That provides a capacity of 34 quarts. Great product. Lightweight but holds a lot.

travel cooler bag
OlarHike 40/24 Can Cooler Bag (Amazon)

It folds flat for storage too. The zippered pocket in the front and mesh pocket in the back also add to storage space. It has short handles or a large shoulder strap that can be attached if needed, making it much easier to carry.

The cooler is well made with a practical design, such as the combination of top and side handles in addition to the shoulder strap. The shoulder strap is detachable, making it easier to use the top or side handles for moving or carrying the cooler. The inside is really easy to wipeout.

It can also be used to keep food warm as well, so would be great to use for transporting warm dishes to gatherings.

It is very durable, well made, but lightweight, a great price for the quality.

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