Car Awning will make You Cool very Quick

ARB Brown 4′ Awning (Amazon) for your Truck, SUV or Car : Subaholics best pick

This car awning is well-constructed and practical. The awning material is sufficiently heavy to provide adequate shading and durability. All components are top rate. 

Easy to install and setup. Tolerates high winds well once set up. It’s a quick and easy setup with a well thought out design. It pretty much doubles the living space of your car camping setup.  Setup and takedown can be done by one person very easily. 

Car Awning

Quality is absolutely astounding and holds up very well in heavy rains and as well as a windy beach day.  Durability is top of the line.

Yescom Car Awning (Amazon) Rooftop for Camping : Subaholics overall pick

Installed on the vehicle rooftop rail to provide 54 sq.ft shade, easily cover the area to shield from sun, rain, and wind. This unit is light, deploys fast, is well made.

The item comes well packed with very basic mounting hardware, but it does the job. The cover should hold up well to the elements. It mounts very easily. Installation is easy, directions are pretty simple to follow.  Note: Setup takes two people and if doing it by one person, you might break something. Having a partner help setup is important to avoid bending.

Car Awning

Once installed, it looks pretty sharp stowed away. The cover is durable. The poles hold well.  The rope and anchors are good quality and included in a small bag. The height is adjustable to so you can set it according to the sun. 

You get a large area covered, quality vinyl cover, the zipper is solid and the quality vinyl cover blocks the sun pretty well. Plenty of space underneath. Also lightweight so it doesn’t go bouncing around when driving off paved roads.

The materials and craftsmanship on this awning are very good. The seams all appear straight and the legs lock solidly. The Velcro straps are strong and well sewn / durable. The hardware is all stainless steel and the nuts are all expensive nylon locknuts. The telescoping stand legs and side tension poles are quick to deploy and simple twist lockers. The aluminum vertical and horizontal poles have rectangular rubber isolators to eliminate rattling when stowed, a nice touch!

This is a must-have for anyone that tailgates often or drives their vehicle onto the beach or lake areas. It is such good quality!   

Offroading Gear (Amazon) Car Awning : Subaholics budget pick

The Offroading Gear Awning provides a rugged awning to nearly any vehicle.

Great product. Materials and design are topnotch. It will keep you cool in the sun and dry in the rain and you’ll wonder how you ever camped without one.

Car Awning

It takes only minutes to set it up and roll it back into the bag. If it is not windy, one person could set it up easily. deploys and rolls up easily and quickly and withstands fairly strong winds due to the heavy-duty stakes. The ropes are more than sturdy enough to keep both the base portion and the extension secure. Most of all, it is easily adjustable so that blocking the sun at any time of day is a piece of cake.

A bug screen is included, the weave of the net is nice and tight made of the same material as the awning fly, the carry bag is of good quality as well. The side supports are sturdy enough to put up bungee cords and use shower curtains to make it totally enclosed when privacy is needed.

This awning is a fraction of the price of most like it and provides an identical experience.

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