Camp Chef Stoves Make You Forget Your Outside

Camp Chef Everest 2 Burner Stove (Amazon)

The build and performance are top-notch! The camp chef cooking surface is a few inches wider than the Coleman two-burner camp stove, just under 24″, which is nice! You can fit, two 10 inch skillets on there easily. It is large enough to use 2 full-size pots or pans simultaneously. Yet it is pretty lightweight (12 lbs.) and is the same size depth-wise as other stoves – it sits just fine on the camp kitchen.

Camp Chef Everest 2 Burner Stove
Camp Chef Everest 2 Burner Stove (Amazon)

The igniter button has always fired on the first strike. It works flawlessly. Just turn on the gas and press and you have an instant flame. No clicking and clicking.

The small propane bottles could be purchased in a 4-pack. The stove comes with the adapter for those smaller bottles. Get yourself an adapter for use with the higher capacity propane tanks for longer trips.

There are wind guards are on the sides of the stove, a strong well-built wire cooking rack, and the burners are recessed under the wire rack and are situated so that clean up is not a hassle at all. The stainless steel rack is very sturdy and thick.

low and slow braising

From low and slow braising to high heat food turns out perfectly cooked. It’s 20,000 BTU’s puts out a tremendous amount of heat, that’s what it’s meant to do. It is hot! Very hot! All the other stoves are 10,000 BTU per burner. Some even claim 20,000 BTU, but that is the combined heat, which is kind of misleading. This is a big deal as you can make lots of coffee and when you need to boil a large pot of water for dishes it boils fast. The temp control is excellent too.

It runs super hot but is very easy to turn down to a gentle simmer as well. The cupped burners direct the heat up while protecting the flame when it’s on low, it adds a little to wind protection. This is by far the stove with both the highest heat level and the best valves to control the heat level. Many other stoves have issues with simmering. This one has excellent control over the whole range of heat.

The stove has a metal latch for closing and transporting, and a wire handle for easy carrying. It is easy to keep clean with the stainless steel drip pan.

Great quality, features, and price.

Camp Chef Explorer Double Burner Stove (Amazon)

The camp chef with the professional griddle is built very well and puts out a lot of heat! The griddle can reach 550 degrees in under 10 minutes. The position of the controls separates it from the competition in that they won’t get banged on during transportation.

Camp Chef Explorer Double Burner Stove
Camp Chef Explorer Double Burner Stove (Amazon)

This stove is big, as wide as a standard house stove/oven. The burners are MASSIVE. There’s a reason it’s listed at 30k BTU because this thing means business. You need a big table to use it as a tabletop stove.

This thing is built like a tank, all of the tubings are very simple with minimal connections that could be points of failure. So it should last for years with a little care.

The BTU output is impressive and setup (and igniting) is a breeze. Cooking is a breeze too, no problem cooking for a big group of people, serving its dual functions: a base camp kitchen essential and a homestead option during a power outrage.

Cleanup is quick and easy

Propane is easy to set up. And being able to dial in the flame is nice and the flame stays strong even in windy conditions. The control knobs are recessed behind the frame so they stay protected. It’s powerful, compact, and grills food in a flash. Flame control is straight forward like on a regular stove. Cleanup is quick and easy.

The base unit alone is a bargain compared to smaller table-top units for camping. You can add extra pieces to the base unit to make it more sophisticated and fancier. This grill works wonders for a fraction of the price of many other camping, travel grills. Its size and weight are manageable for camping.

The 5lb propane tank is plenty for a 4 or 5-day camping trip if you’re also using your campfire to cook.

Everything is of high quality for the price. It’s perfect for tailgates and car camping. Very hot, good control, easy storage, easy assembly.

Outbound Gas Camping Stove (Amazon)

Outbound Gas Camping Stove (Amazon)

The package comes promptly and in good condition. The setup and breakdown are easy. As soon as the propane canister is placed on and you are able to cook in a few minutes.

It works great. The burners put out a lot of heat and water boils in a flash. Heat is easy to control.

The flame is truly adjustable. Knobs are simple to use. The flame has an amazing heat control output and the flame is more concentrated. There’s plenty of range for the temp control knob to turn, so you get pretty decent control of the flame output.

You can make real meals on it similar to meals cooked at home. Pair it with a cookie sheet and now you have a grill. Its high output does make it go thru gas but it heats fast and evenly.

That fire-engine red color is very pretty. The windscreen works like a charm. The cooking grate is strong enough to hold cast iron frying pans and cooking pots. Build quality is good. This is a great stove, spacious enough to accommodate bigger pots.

Amazing lightweight camping stove, easy to transport, to fold up, and put away.

Great stove for the money. It lights easily, is roomy, is very sturdy, and has exceptional flame control.

Tent Fan makes for a Deep Breezy Sleep

Tent fan for camping, concerts, beach, office, storage and kitchen

Odoland Portable LED Camping Lantern is also great camping tent fan.

It’s made from plastic but put together w/High-Quality Craftsmanship. The electrical switches are solid. The LED light is nice and bright and lights up a large tent. The light on the fan is decent enough to see around in the tent.

On the low setting, the fan creates a breeze, and it is quiet enough that won’t keep you awake. The low setting helps air circulation even on a cool night. On the high setting, you could feel the air from 6-7 feet away, still quiet with the white noise of a fan but effective.

The light angle is adjustable(swivels). You can direct the light or the air just about any direction you please, keeping your tent air circulating, which is important during a tent camping, because regardless of the outside weather, the air in the tent is still. The light can be used as a stand too, so you can use it on a table.

Tent fan
Odoland Portable LED Camping Lantern

It does take 2 D batteries, which most people like because you don’t have to carry a hundred extra batteries with you. The 2 D batteries last anywhere between 1-3 days, depending on what fan setting you are using and how long you run it for. The fan doesn’t eat up its own battery while not in use.

Adjustable and Flexible

Having two hinges make it easy to point the fan and light in separate directions. The light ring moves separately from the fan unit, they can be facing in two different directions. The built-in hook could hang the light to the top of a tent. Since it hangs down from the loop at the top center of the tent it directs a cool breeze directly keeping you cool in the afternoon heat. The adjustable hanger allows you to use this on a flat surface or hang it on a branch or on any loop in the tent. Good mounting flexibility.

This tent fan is versatile and light! About the size of a large coffee can. Don’t let it’s size confuse you. This little light and fan will be one of your favorite camping accessories. For fall and spring camping, it is perfect.

Personal Portable Tent Heater

Portable heaters are very useful. Their size and output are perfect for any camping. It’s so easy to use and set up, durable, made of good materials, heats up well. The controls are simple and the handle makes it easy to carry.

portable tent heater
Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX Buddy

3 hours of run time on high and up to 6 hours on low setting from a 1 lb propane canister. 20 lbs tanks provide up to 100 hours of heat depending on the setting. Fast and convenient deployment makes this a great heater. As for propane canisters, a big case of the smaller ones could be purchased at Home Depot.

The heater lighting procedure is pretty straightforward and you get roughly an evening’s worth of heat off a single bottle of fuel. For a bigger tank, the adapter kit could be purchased.

The O2 sensor and tip-over sensor work well for your safety. Reliable, easy, safe, and versatile, has an automatic shutoff for low oxygen sensor and a tilt sensor (in case it gets knocked over).

The rear wall-mount adapters already built in are great for mounting in your workshop, shed, or garage.

The portable tent heater can be used in ground tents, rooftop tents, and campers.