Privacy Tent for Easy Instant Shelter

Privacy Tent

Pop Up Tent for Instant Changing Room, Camp Toilet, and Outdoor Shower

This is a great privacy tent for the outdoors, excellent for campgrounds and rest areas. Especially when you do a cross country driving and are hesitant about using a public bathroom. Combine this tent with a portable toilette and you have your own pop up restroom.

One reviewer had expressed how his wife and himself had drove over 5,000 miles across the country and did not enter one building. Due to their concerns of the corona virus. Combined with a small portable toilet, he used the pop up tent about 50 times in 3 weeks, both as a restroom and a shower.

The zipper on top of the tent will allow you to use it as a shower. Campers have utilized a solar camp shower bag to provide them a pleasurable shower.

Also it makes a good rain shelter for hunting and fish trips. Other have used it as a sunshade at the beach or the lake. New mothers have also used it as a private changing and nursing tent for their babies. Photographer have used it as a privacy tent for model shoots. It sure beats many public bathroom for changing clothes.

Durable, Private and Easy to set up

The fabric is thick, not see-through even when it is bright outside, so it is great for showering privacy as well. Even a 6’ person could stand up inside.

The entrance zippers are smooth and the metal frames are also durable. There are two sun windows. It comes with 4 stakes that help it to stay put.

It is easy to set up. Folding is easy, similar to some windshield sun shades. It dries fast, folds up flat, and stores away easily. It comes with a carry bag that keeps it neat and together with shoulder straps, which can be worn as a backpack.

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