Romantic Souls Love the Picnic Basket Cooler

ALLCAMP OUTDOOR GEAR Picnic Basket Cooler (Amazon)

This is a very durable picnic basket cooler,  a practical, modern version of a picnic basket for family outings.  It’s a sleek design, easy to carry and fold when not in use.

It is a perfect size,  big enough to carry meals and cold drinks for a whole family, yet small enough to be able to actually carry. Can easily fit 4-5 take-out meals for a family in it.
Ice packs in ziplock bags work really well, keeping things cold, and clean.

Picnic Basket Cooler

Well insulated but easily put away when not in use. This cooler is also not as heavy as a traditional picnic basket, and made very sturdy!  The fabric is sewn well, the velcro holds it to the frame securely. The bonus is it squishes flat for storage.  
The padded handle of the basket makes it  for easy portability  

It is a great price and works perfectly. It can handle hot and cold food. Perfect for hot or cold storage. 

DBTAC Tactical Lunch Bag (Amazon)

Excellent tactical lunch bag. Keeps things cold effortlessly and has plenty of room for food and drinks. It is a military-grade lunch box. Stays cold all day every day or warm if you have soup or something. If you’re into Army’s accessories this is the perfect lunch bag for you.

DBTAC lunch bag has a large capacity and fits all the lunch, daytime snacks for you or your kids, also plenty of room for water bottles, meds, and stuff by the sides and front pockets.

Picnic Basket Cooler

The material is great and durable. Built well with great quality. Very lightweight but sturdy. Keeps stuff REALLY cold if you use freezer packs. The quality of the zippers is good.

The pouch on the front fits a checkbook style wallet and chain perfectly. The external pockets are great and the strap is comfortable and heavy-duty.

Awesome features, including washable, velcro, spill-proof lining. The reflective lining is useful. The plastic liner insert is very helpful and the cooler will last a lot longer because of it. The extra liner helps to keep water from melted ice from leaking out.

The molle is nice as it allows you to add extra pouches. Easy to clean with detachable liner with plenty of compartments and room.

YETI Hopper Flip Portable Cooler (Amazon)

Great cooler for the beach, camping, or fishing trips. Keeps everything as cold as it was when you put it in.

A great looking cooler. Plenty big for some cans of soda and bottles of water, quick and easy to load with ice. Saves time and ice. And, it keeps the ice from melting, even on a hot, sunny day.

Picnic Basket Cooler

This cooler is very well built and sturdy. it will stand up to some abuse. It keeps things cold/frozen for an extremely long time. It holds a Yeti 4 pound (or two 2 pounds) ice pack perfectly. The Yeti soft cooler is light and easy to transport.

It cleans out easily, water and stain resistant, is very attractive. Beautiful design, thick quality material. It has a decent length strap.

The zipper is tough to use at first but it comes with lubricant for the zipper which is helpful.

When flying, it also fits nicely in the overhead compartment! An alternative from the traditional hard Yeti.

Yes, this is a name brand; yes, this is expensive but it is worth the extra money.

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