Subaru Motorsport: Moves Forward with Excellent Rally Drivers

When covering the Subaru racing team, two names stand out: Travis Pastrana and Brandon Semenuk.

A five-time national rally champion with Subaru and one of the world’s best-known action sports athletes, Pastrana returned to the 2020 American Rally Association (ARA) season. Brandon Semenuk, a Canadian rally driver and freerides mountain bike legend, joined Travis Pastrana for their full season of SUBARU 2020 U.S. rally competition.

First of all, their rally cars, instead of keeping the Subaru stock engine, the engine used in this is the same as their rallycross engines, around 600-700 bhp. The only thing comparable to a stock motor is MAYBE the block castings, but even they will have been reworked.

First, each vehicle’s interior is stripped bare. The body shell is lightened and fully seam-welded for added strength. No boost limiters, no cooling restrictions, nothing. The engine is putting out 700+ horsepower in that trim, even at high altitude. The engine makes roughly 900 horsepower before the restrictor at something like 60+ PSI of boost. Those engines are completely bonkers.

Amazing to watch:
Launch Control: Hindsight is 2020 – Episode 8.1