Solar Shower Embraces Wonderful Bathing Experience

Portable Solar Shower Bag for Outdoor, Traveling and Hiking

Well we know the mantra, wash your hands with hot water and soap. Right, more than ever.
It’s not just about killing germs. It’s also about keeping yourself clean and getting the unpleasant stink of you.

So how do you keep clean at the campsite.

Make sure you have dedicated wash areas. You should have a area for hand washing and cleaning dishes, and an isolated shower area. This will keep you from colliding into other members of your camping party. For your showers you could get a pop up privacy tent.

Subaholics recommend the solar shower bag to use as your water service around the camp ground. It is basically a large hot water bag that can be used in your cleaning and washing areas.

Solar Shower
VIGLT Camping Shower Bag

The water warms up quickly. Fill it up in the morning, put it in the sun. Usage is easy with good water pressure and flow, and setup is quick. This sturdy bag holds 5 gallons of water. The black appearance is easy to absorb heat. Set it in the sun for a while until the temperature is to your liking. The shower head works great. The water becomes warm, easily. To use, just hang it from a tree branch or sturdy tent.

Using the solar shower bag with the addition of the privacy changing tent, this will allow you the comfort to shower outdoors, in the buff.

Make sure that you keep the wash area 200 feet away from rivers and streams. And be respectful of the vegetation around you.

It is light and easy to use, taking little space when folded, which is great when going camping. The camping shower is an ideal portable light shower device that can meet all your camping cleaning needs.

You might want to have more than one solar shower bags, one for your hand wash area and one for your dishes, and possible two for the shower area. Granted, one will work find for most people. But if you have a larger group, an additional bag will bring you a little bit more convenience throughout the day.

Use a good biodegradable shampoo and soap

Disinfectant and hand sanitizer are important, but you want to make sure that you get the grime and dirt off your hands. And at the end of the day have a proper shower. You will feel clean and refreshed.

Make sure you use biodegradable soap or biodegradable shampoo when washing yourself. There is a natural product called Campsuds. You can wash your hair, dishes, skin, face, hands, clothing and any thing washable. Hey, you are camping.

When you’re camping you don’t have a lot of clothes with you. Make sure you wash anything that you might need to wear again. Also, like your mother said, make sure you have a change of clean underwear and socks.

Being clean is good for your mental well-being and you’ll enjoy your camping experience by being more enlightened.

Enjoy the great outdoors, stay clean and respect the nature.