Collapsible Cooler Bag easily carry Cold Drinks & Hot Food

SEEHONOR Collapsible Cooler Bag (Amazon)

SEEHONOR Collapsible Cooler Bag can hold 32 Cans standard 12oz Cans (330ml). LARGE STORAGE ROOM: Measures 15.3*L x7.8 *W x 12.5*H inch. A gallon of milk can stand in it. Large capacity for whole-family picnic essentials and it is also ideal for the beach, camping, hiking, tailgates, soccer game, and small trips to the grocery store to keep perishables cool, etc…

It’s a great waterproof tote for kayaking trips, keeps the food cool for boating trips.

Collapsible Cooler Bag

Suitable for both women and men. Two insulated compartments allow to pack hot items separated from cold items. The double-deck cooler bag is collapsible and can be stored easily.

It is very easy to clean with a sponge or wet paper towel in the sink.

The padded shoulder strap and handles are so convenient for carrying. You can use it as a carrying tote or a detachable shoulder bag. The zipper is a very good zipper it doesn’t pop off as some do. Equipped with 1 wide top pocket, 1 wide bottom compartment, 1 front pocket, and 2 side pockets can meet the needs of storing different items.

This cooler bag is the perfect size for a party of 3-4. It fits way more things than it looks at first glance and the price is perfect.

CANWAY Cooler Bag (Amazon)

This is a unisex bag. The bag looks well made and stylish. The zippers run smoothly, the material feels comfortable, the walls are thick. The handles feel sturdy and the Velcro top sticks down well.

Come with re-freezable gel packs to transport food for trips — those gels can keep food cold for 2-3 days. Enough room for the whole family’s picnic essentials, it can hold 40 cans(330ml) or 20 bottles(500ml) at the same time.

Collapsible Cooler Bag

Super lightweight & folds down nicely to fit in the suitcase. it’s lightweight, but holds sufficient beverages or food to make it a nice accessory for packing up to Go!

Easily access drinks without having to unzip the whole thing. The easy access lid on top of the bag makes it easy to grab a drink.

There are pockets at each end and one in the front, PLUS a zippered one in the front as well, which makes the bag more versatile and practical to use. The pockets are awesome, the top opening door is super handy. It has a separate pocket for the ice blocks.

Hand straps and a shoulder strap make it easy to transport from car to beach or park

AmHoo Insulated Lunch Box Cooler Backpack (Amazon)

A cooler lunch bag and a purse combination for work, camping, travel, and shopping, etc). Multipockets can hold your cutlery sets, such as knife, fork, keys, wallet, coins, cards, or your private belongings. It is very convenient.

This bag is two in one! Enough room on the top for purse things, wallet, keys, etc. The bottom of the bag is like a regular-sized lunch box.

Collapsible Cooler Bag

VERY ROOMY. The front hidden pocket can organize your mini iPad, phone, etc. Back hidden pocket can hold your private belongings. Side pockets can hold beer, little water bottles. Also can be used for a shopping bag. 4 bottles can fit in the top compartment, six in the bottom, and one in each side pocket. Enough space for everything.

With ice packs, it can stay cool over 8 hours. With 2 ice packs in the bottom and 1 ice pack at the top, you can leave the bag in your car all day, keeping it cool. The bottom portion is super insulated. The top portion would keep stuff chilled.

Perfect size, not too big not too small, lightweight with nice double zippers padded strap. The straps are thick and padded for your comfort.

Durability is incredible. The material feels like high quality. Fabric is tough, wipeable, and stylish.

More subaholics travel coolers bags

Wool Blanket for Camping Chill Warmed-over

Arcturus Military Wool Blanket for Camping makes a great blanket for the price.

We found some alternatives or additions to your normal sleeping bag. Some campers do not like the confinement of a sleeping bag. I would suggest not puling your favorite quilt from the master bedroom and go camping. A good wool blanket would be a more sensible solution.

Wool Blanket for Camping
Wool Blanket for Camping

Ever since the Cowboys roamed of the high country, wool blankets were the standard bed roll for the camp site. While the Mongolians of northern china were know to make blankets from camel wool, yak wool, goat cashmere, and sheep wool. It became popular with the Native Americans who weaved beautiful fabrics out of wool. Wool has been the preferred material for most people and armies to keep warm throughout the globe. These blankets offer a thick and substantial barrier from the cold.

Arcturus military wool blankets are heavy and made of 80% wool. The blanket is well made and have solid stitching. They are durable and cut just right. These wool blankets are not scratchy like some wool blankets. 

Plenty of room for all

The large size (64″ x 88″) will keep you and a friend cozy while camping, at a tailgate football game, an outdoor concert, watching fireworks, or just as an emergency blanket in your vehicle. It’s also big enough to cover two people in sleeping bags in a tent. It can be used as a great insulation layer. 

In very cold air, one wool blanket layered with a cotton blend sheet is nice and toasty. The Arcturus wool blanket weighs 4.8 lbs, with a density of 600 GSM (that means nice and thick). Loom-woven and hemmed on all sides with contrast lock stitching, the blanket looks right. The color locks in well and simple design go with any decor.

As for the minimal chemical odor, you don’t notice it at all after airing it for a couple of days. Actually, a quality wool blanket will have a slight odor from the animal. It wears away. Out of the box, it has a lanolin smell as good new wool should. Yes, it’s a little sheddy, but all good wool blankets are at first.

The wool camping blanket do not trap moisture as some synthetics will, giving you a comfortable warmth not a sweltering inferno. Polyester blankets don’t breathe enough or they breathe too much. Wool has great insulating capability while letting moisture vapor escape. Wool blankets breathes, just as it does for the sheep.

For the price, you can’t go wrong. Others like this in the store are 2-3 times as much. A substantial wool blanket for your camping needs.

Travel Pillow for Camping

Therm-a-Rest Compressible Travel Pillow for Camping, Backpacking, Airplanes and Road Trips

The outer material of this travel pillow is so soft and comfortable and the inside has just the right amount of cushion. The fill inside the pillow is made up of bits of foam, instead of synthetic filler that makes it really comfortable and firm. It is soft to the touch and they weigh very little.

Travel Pillow for Camping
Therm-A-Rest pillows

Given the lightweight, they will fit well in your backpack. The pillow pack down small enough to a tiny roll, which is great when you’re short on space. The roll is about 12″ long, the same diameter as a sport water bottle.

The self-contained stuff bag is a great idea and works well. They are about 1/4 of their uncompressed size. After the pillow comes out of compression it takes a little bit for it to “fill out” and the stuffing inside will expand.

The Therm-A-Rest travel pillows keeps its loft and doesn’t slip out from under you like other blowup pillows. This pillow will expand and puff up again when unrolled. All that puffy thickness is the key that no inflatable pillow or donut-shaped foam pillow can offer. Awesome simple invention that is well suited for car travel and the airplane.

Four different sizes ranging from small to extra-large. Fourteen different colors and patterns to choose from. Should be able to find a design that’s gonna fit well with your decor.

This travel pillow is really incredible and will offer a great night’s sleep no matter where you are. These pillows are great!

Beach Blanket for Car Camping

Roebury Beach Blanket is Sand Proof, Water Resistant, Large Washable Mat for Outdoor Camping and Travel

When people are thinking about car camping or travel sometimes you tend to overlook the practicality of a beach blanket. You know this beach blanket can be used for a variety of purposes. It can be used as a comfortable floor inside of a tent.

Because it has a waterproof underside you can lay it on the grass for picnics. You can spread it out on the ground and hang a hammock above it. I can see creative people make use of it in all sorts of ways in addition to a beach blanket.

The fabric is water repellent, similar to a windbreaker, comfortable for two to lay out tanning or having lunch. It has decent padding, is reasonably water-resistant.

Roebury Beach Blanket
Roebury Beach and Outdoor Blanket

The top fabric is similar to an umbrella. The bottom fabric is similar to a thin patio furniture cover. The entire unit feels like a nice-quality moving blanket. It has a built-in zipper, a handle, and a side pocket for keys and phone at the beach.

It opens up easily and is insulated so the damp grass or sand doesn’t soak through.

Easy to clean keeps sand from sticking and folds back up and packs away easily. Another nice feature is that the top of the blanket folds inwards rather than being on the outside. Moreover, the pattern hides stains well. Love the way it zips back to an easy carry blanket with shoulder strap.

Also, it washes easily in the washing machine and can be put in the dryer for a few minutes, or shake it out and drape it over a chair to air dry.

It’s a bit more expensive than a lot of other blankets but well worth it for the size and quality.