Double Camp Bed Create Luxury Suite

Double Camp Bed
Double Camping Cot for 2 Person

Happy times no more sleeping on the floor

This double sleeping cot is well constructed with thick and sturdy material, a great buy, easy to set up and take down. Extra thick fabric enhances the bearing capacity; flat plastic feet prevent the bed from sinking in soft soils or puncturing the tent floor. While the double camp bed is hefty, about 35 lbs, it adequately supports 2 adults w/a queen size air mattress with no problem and even has room to spare. With that being said, the air mattress is not necessary and is comfortable enough for some campers. It’s really nice to be off the ground when tent camping, great for outdoor living even for your backyard camping.

Additionally, the cot can be used for the dual purpose of having extra sleep-capacity for home too, nice sleeping accommodations for both home and camp use.
When coupled with a pair of memory foam mattress pads, this cot becomes one of the most comfortable sleeping setups.

double camp bed
Deluxe Comfort Plush Elevated Airbed

Your life just got a whole lot better

This air mattress for your double camp bed is sturdy and comfortable, with no leaks, minimal vinyl stretching, good support, and minimal transferred movement. It is easily plugged the built-in pump into an electrical outlet & the bed is ready in no time. To be exact, it takes less than five minutes to blow up. Once the sheets & bed covers go on, it looks great too – hard to tell the difference between an air mattress & a regular bed. It doesn’t take long to deflate it, after the mattress is no longer required and it folds up and fits in the carry bag easily.

This double camp bed with cot and combined air mattress can be so comfortable you don’t want to buy a regular bed. Read our article on the best large camping tent.

Double Camping Cot for 2 Person

Deluxe Comfort Plush Elevated Airbed

Privacy Tent for Easy Instant Shelter

Privacy Tent

Pop Up Tent for Instant Changing Room, Camp Toilet, and Outdoor Shower

This is a great privacy tent for the outdoors, excellent for campgrounds and rest areas. Especially when you do a cross country driving and are hesitant about using a public bathroom. Combine this tent with a portable toilette and you have your own pop up restroom.

One reviewer had expressed how his wife and himself had drove over 5,000 miles across the country and did not enter one building. Due to their concerns of the corona virus. Combined with a small portable toilet, he used the pop up tent about 50 times in 3 weeks, both as a restroom and a shower.

The zipper on top of the tent will allow you to use it as a shower. Campers have utilized a solar camp shower bag to provide them a pleasurable shower.

Also it makes a good rain shelter for hunting and fish trips. Other have used it as a sunshade at the beach or the lake. New mothers have also used it as a private changing and nursing tent for their babies. Photographer have used it as a privacy tent for model shoots. It sure beats many public bathroom for changing clothes.

Durable, Private and Easy to set up

The fabric is thick, not see-through even when it is bright outside, so it is great for showering privacy as well. Even a 6’ person could stand up inside.

The entrance zippers are smooth and the metal frames are also durable. There are two sun windows. It comes with 4 stakes that help it to stay put.

It is easy to set up. Folding is easy, similar to some windshield sun shades. It dries fast, folds up flat, and stores away easily. It comes with a carry bag that keeps it neat and together with shoulder straps, which can be worn as a backpack.

For more information and current discounts. Pop Up Privacy Tent

Camping Toilets offer Travelers Quick Relief

One of the Best Camping Toilets for the Outdoors, Boating, Traveling & Road-tripping

Camping Toilets

Modern camping toilets are life-changing convenience for outdoor living. Our recommendation, SereneLife has a good flush system, bowl, dump tube, surface texture, and a tank meter. The flush sprayer and pump work fantastic.

The throne is very sturdy to sit on and is about the same height as the standard toilet and to be more exact, it is more like a toilet in an airplane. Sure, it is small, a lot smaller than your house potty, and it takes a little bit of getting used to. However, it is portable and will fit in a van, a boat, a tent, and an SUV. Also, it is not too heavy to move, and has a convenient carrying case with handles. The toilet is constructed of high-density plastics and should last for years.

It is easy to set up and easy to fill, also easy enough to empty. The flush mechanism works well. After emptying the toilet, just simply put the deodorant in the bottom tank with a little water, fill the top part with water, and give it a couple of pumps, and it is ready to go again.

This unit is completely contained and separate so that you don’t have to carry both tanks of liquid when it’s time to empty. The gasket holds up really well & stays sealed tight even when carrying upright. Neat, clean, and easy to empty with no spills and no odor! Even when you take it to a rough ride off road, you will find no spills.

The convenience, ease of use, and build quality are all excellent. Highly recommend you purchase it. For information, pricing and availability on camping toilets, click on the link below

SereneLife Outdoor Portable Toilet – for current prices and availability

Pop Up Privacy Tent

Best Large Camping Tent for your Family Road Adventures

Recommendations for your large group

Coleman Cabin Tent

Looking for large camping tent that will stow away in your compact car and sleep up to six people. Our choice would be the Coleman Cabin Tent.

Coleman products are known for their affordability and quality.

With time, the design engineers have kept up with both the new cutting-edge technology and new design concepts.

This cabin-style tent is quick and easy to set up and take down, even the mechanisms that hold the bars at the top are super solid and well built, roomy enough for a 2 queen-sized air mattress with free space remaining on the entrance door side. It is not only roomy, being a cabin style tent, but it also has a good stand room in the center. Even for a 6 ft person, it is comfortable enough to stand up.

The tent windows are a nice touch, offering the opportunity to enjoy the outside views.

During an average rainstorm, the interior walls could stay quite dry. Ventilation is good, even in the rain. As for thunderstorms, the tent fares well. It could endure pretty intense storms.

Because of the dark nature of this tent, it seems to be a thicker material and does a good job cutting down wind on a breezy and chilly night.

If you are looking for a roomier tent that you can stand up in and block out the early morning sun this is the tent for you.

Prepare for the weather

Even though most people have been happy with the tent, harsh weather condition and rainy days can reek havoc on the best of planned camping excursions. Due to few reviews of the tent not staying dry. It would be our strong recommendation to acquire the rain fly that is available for this tent. That small investment is worth it and will keep your mind at ease on those rainy nights.

As an option some owners have felt more comfortable adding sealant to the seams of the fabric. Even though it might not be necessary, you could set the tent up in your yard or garage and seal the seams for greater weather resistance.

Make sure you prepare for those rain showers and you could find your camping experience a lot more enjoyable.

More information and current pricing on the tent. Click on on the following links.

Coleman 6 person cabin tent Coleman 6 person tent rainfly Coleman seam sealer

Do you want a bike rack on your Subaru? Start with a hitch

Thule bike rack on a Subaru Forester
Thule bike rack on a Subaru Forester
Subaru bike and Forester


Subaru bike and Forester

The best way to put a bike on the back of your Subaru is a start with the correct hitch. There is only one single best option, that is to purchase a Subaru trailer hitch have the dealership installed it.  It is a little pricey, but it’s the best way to be insured that the hitch will be installed to factories safety requirements.  After market hitches are mounted to the bottom of the chassis,  which is not designed for trailer hitches. Subaru dealerships will remove the bumper cover and bolt the trailer hitch in-line with the cars frame work, in order to protect the passengers in a rear collision.

The original Subaru hitch is Subaholic’s only choice.

Make sure you check out the following video to get the whole story. <a href=”“>
The Subaru trailer hitch comes with a 1.25″ receiver opening. Given that fact that many bike racks are 2″ mount, you will need an adapter.

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Is the WRX STI type RA worth the money?

WRX STI type RA badge
WRX STI type RA Badge

Subaru has souped up the WRX STI to create the type RA or “record attempt” version.   Carbon fiber roof panel, carbon fiber wing and pumping up the horse power to 310 makes it very meaty product for this rare 500 unit production vehicle.  The following is a breakdown on what to expect on the sticker of the WRX STI type RA.

Updated from the base WRX

2.5 Liter DOHC High Output Intercooled High Boost

Turbocharged Engine

8-Way Power Driver’s Seat

Recaro® Performance Design Front Seats

19-Inch BBS® Gold Alloy Wheels

Carbon Fiber Roof Panel

Cup Holder:

Dual, Center Console Rear, Retractable

Exterior Aerodynamic Body Parts:

Front Bumper: STI Under Spoiler

Rear Bumper: Side Scoop

Trunk Spoiler: STI Carbon Fiber Wing

Exterior Mirrors: Crystal Black Silica Finish / Foldable w/ Integrated Turn Signals$52.00

Front Grille: Mesh Type w/ STI Badge & Red Accent Stripe

Front Seatback Pocket (Driver’s)

Illuminated Engine Start / Stop Switch: STI Type / Red

Keyless Access with Push-Button Start

PIN Code Access

Rear Bumper: Red Accent Stripe

Steering Wheel: Ultrasuede®-Wrapped w/ Red Stitching

STI Short Throw Shifter w/ Reverse Lockout

Suspension: High Performance Bilstein® STI Sport-Tuned

TYPE RA Serial Number Badge: Front Console

Typical break down on a factory sticker in the U.S.

2018 WRX STI 6MT $36,095.00

Crystal White Pearl

Black Interior

Type RA Option Package 04 $12,900.00


Recaro Front Seats w/ 8-Way Power Driver’s Seat

Keyless Access with Push-Button Start

Ultrasuede Steering Wheel

Serialized Number Plate

Delete STARLINK Connected Vehicle Services

Delete Rear Seat Arm Rest

Tire Repair Kit (Replaces Spare Tire)


Carbon Fiber Roof Panel

Adjustable Carbon Fiber Rear Wing

19″ BBS Forged Aluminum Alloy Wheels

STI Front Underspoiler

Black-Finish Exterior Mirrors, Antenna and Fender Badges

Cherry Blossom Red Accent Stripes

Side-Rear Air Vents


Revised Engine Air Intake System

High-Flow Exhaust System

STI-Tuned Suspension with Bilstein Dampers

Revised Engine Control Unit

Short-Throw Shifter

 Cargo Net – Trunk Rear $81.00

Mirror Compass w/ homelink $344.00

All Weather Floor Mats $81.00

Cargo Tray $81.00

Interior Illumination Blue $204.00

PCS Bumper Applique Sedan $96.00

STD Standard Destination Charge $860.00

Total MSRP $50,742.00

Check out the car at your local Subaru dealership, while the RA are still available.

2019 Subaru Ascent launches at the Houston Auto Show

2019 Subaru ascent
2019 Subaru Ascent
2019 Subaru Ascent
2019 Subaru Ascent at the Houston Auto Show

I got my first look at the 2019 Subaru Ascent at the Houston auto show

I got my first look at the 2019 Subaru Ascent at the Houston auto show. This is definitely a much improved replacement for the old Tribeca. One of the first things I did was jump in the backseats in the third row.  Trying it out with one of my coworkers, we both are a little stocky in stature. At first I was feeling a little cramped, but eventually I settled in and decided that it was certainly comfortable enough for a short road trip.  It is a pleasant improvement over the old Tribeca and I remain happy with the fact that Subaru is not making these grossly large vehicles found from many of the other auto makers. The Ascent will fit in most parking spots and garages of your average home.

The 2019 Subaru Ascent is a handsome looking SUV that is equipped with Subaru’s updated infotainment systems and eyesight technology is standard. What is interesting about the new Ascent is the engine Subaru has decided to go with. Reaching back to their roots and putting a turbo powered 2.4 liter newly designed engine in all the trim levels. No option for a six cylinder. Which makes a lot of sense… smaller blocks, better performance and maintaining a decent fuel economy. This car is certainly powerful enough to move all three rows full of passengers and equipment down the road.

It is nice to see Subaru return to third row vehicle and it is certainly grander than the discontinued Tribeca and not an over burdened sized SUV.

Need more room – Time to get a thule cargo carrier

Thule Shell - Subaholics
Thule cargo container on a 2018 outback

Thule is Subaholics first choice.

Have you ever been driving down the road and see one of those Thule shells on top of a car and you think to yourself… why? The answer is obvious, people desire more room for their stuff.  Think of a couple of common things that you travel with that would be better on top of your roof. How about camping equipment, tents, chairs, shovels and pales, scuba diving equipment, hunting and fishing gear, suitcases, duffel bags, backpacks, pillows and blankets, pet gear and cages, golf clubs, an inflatable boat and oars….  guess we could go on and on and on about what you could put on top of you car.

I got first hand experience of Thule M624. It was easy to setup and pleasant to operate. A smooth surface and cool aerodynamics protects your cargo  from the wind, the elements and bugs. It offers ample storage for most people even though this considered smaller of the cargo carriers. It offers a 16 inch ceiling and and sturdy materials that have a streamline profile that won’t interfere much with the car’s gas performance. Offering a smaller footprint than some of the Thule larger carriers but very functional for most people’s needs.  What you should consider when selecting a cargo carrier, is to make sure that it fits your needs. Sometimes big is not necessarily better.

Yakima –

Making up our second choice would be Yakima. Yakima offers sleeker designs for those who are more concerned about looks or function.

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