Best Large Camping Tent for your Family Road Adventures

Recommendations for your large group

Coleman Cabin Tent

Looking for large camping tent that will stow away in your compact car and sleep up to six people. Our choice would be the Coleman Cabin Tent.

Coleman products are known for their affordability and quality.

With time, the design engineers have kept up with both the new cutting-edge technology and new design concepts.

This cabin-style tent is quick and easy to set up and take down, even the mechanisms that hold the bars at the top are super solid and well built, roomy enough for a 2 queen-sized air mattress with free space remaining on the entrance door side. It is not only roomy, being a cabin style tent, but it also has a good stand room in the center. Even for a 6 ft person, it is comfortable enough to stand up.

The tent windows are a nice touch, offering the opportunity to enjoy the outside views.

During an average rainstorm, the interior walls could stay quite dry. Ventilation is good, even in the rain. As for thunderstorms, the tent fares well. It could endure pretty intense storms.

Because of the dark nature of this tent, it seems to be a thicker material and does a good job cutting down wind on a breezy and chilly night.

If you are looking for a roomier tent that you can stand up in and block out the early morning sun this is the tent for you.

Prepare for the weather

Even though most people have been happy with the tent, harsh weather condition and rainy days can reek havoc on the best of planned camping excursions. Due to few reviews of the tent not staying dry. It would be our strong recommendation to acquire the rain fly that is available for this tent. That small investment is worth it and will keep your mind at ease on those rainy nights.

As an option some owners have felt more comfortable adding sealant to the seams of the fabric. Even though it might not be necessary, you could set the tent up in your yard or garage and seal the seams for greater weather resistance.

Make sure you prepare for those rain showers and you could find your camping experience a lot more enjoyable.

More information and current pricing on the tent. Click on on the following links.

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