Double Camp Bed Create Luxury Suite

Double Camp Bed
Double Camping Cot for 2 Person

Happy times no more sleeping on the floor

This double sleeping cot is well constructed with thick and sturdy material, a great buy, easy to set up and take down. Extra thick fabric enhances the bearing capacity; flat plastic feet prevent the bed from sinking in soft soils or puncturing the tent floor. While the double camp bed is hefty, about 35 lbs, it adequately supports 2 adults w/a queen size air mattress with no problem and even has room to spare. With that being said, the air mattress is not necessary and is comfortable enough for some campers. It’s really nice to be off the ground when tent camping, great for outdoor living even for your backyard camping.

Additionally, the cot can be used for the dual purpose of having extra sleep-capacity for home too, nice sleeping accommodations for both home and camp use.
When coupled with a pair of memory foam mattress pads, this cot becomes one of the most comfortable sleeping setups.

double camp bed
Deluxe Comfort Plush Elevated Airbed

Your life just got a whole lot better

This air mattress for your double camp bed is sturdy and comfortable, with no leaks, minimal vinyl stretching, good support, and minimal transferred movement. It is easily plugged the built-in pump into an electrical outlet & the bed is ready in no time. To be exact, it takes less than five minutes to blow up. Once the sheets & bed covers go on, it looks great too – hard to tell the difference between an air mattress & a regular bed. It doesn’t take long to deflate it, after the mattress is no longer required and it folds up and fits in the carry bag easily.

This double camp bed with cot and combined air mattress can be so comfortable you don’t want to buy a regular bed. Read our article on the best large camping tent.

Double Camping Cot for 2 Person

Deluxe Comfort Plush Elevated Airbed

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