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Camping Toilets

Modern camping toilets are life-changing convenience for outdoor living. Our recommendation, SereneLife has a good flush system, bowl, dump tube, surface texture, and a tank meter. The flush sprayer and pump work fantastic.

The throne is very sturdy to sit on and is about the same height as the standard toilet and to be more exact, it is more like a toilet in an airplane. Sure, it is small, a lot smaller than your house potty, and it takes a little bit of getting used to. However, it is portable and will fit in a van, a boat, a tent, and an SUV. Also, it is not too heavy to move, and has a convenient carrying case with handles. The toilet is constructed of high-density plastics and should last for years.

It is easy to set up and easy to fill, also easy enough to empty. The flush mechanism works well. After emptying the toilet, just simply put the deodorant in the bottom tank with a little water, fill the top part with water, and give it a couple of pumps, and it is ready to go again.

This unit is completely contained and separate so that you don’t have to carry both tanks of liquid when it’s time to empty. The gasket holds up really well & stays sealed tight even when carrying upright. Neat, clean, and easy to empty with no spills and no odor! Even when you take it to a rough ride off road, you will find no spills.

The convenience, ease of use, and build quality are all excellent. Highly recommend you purchase it. For information, pricing and availability on camping toilets, click on the link below

SereneLife Outdoor Portable Toilet – for current prices and availability

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